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April 2008


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Apr. 10th, 2008

Ok so...

I feel like an update is long overdue. I've been in some pain from my eyes and thought it was pink eye; turns out it was something called Iritis {eye-right-us} so I'm gonna read about it later on webmd.com. I've been stuck inside when the weather started to get warm and sunny, so it screwed up my vision because it was so bright. I went to the eye doctor yesterday and they helped me out, gave me eye drops to clearall this up and FINALLY I can open my eyes normally. My eyes are still pink though, but not watery like before. Its funny how I take my vision for granted, because I am thrilled right now to be looking at anything lol. I'm also off until the 16th, so I'm taking this sorta forced "vacation" as a blessing...just gonna relax and not be stressed. I could use some time away from Ulta.

I was so thrilled to wake up and actually look around, so I've been busy doing little things here. I painted my nails a bright color lol and thought how funny it would've been if I tried to do it when I couldnt see...I shouldnt forget to mention that my Dad actually picked me up and drove me to and from the eye doctors and was helpful. He has his moments when he's not bad, and yesterday was one. He even bought me magazines to read *smiles* so I thanked him for being there for me.

So..thats my update, not much has been going on. "Aint nuttin' going on but the rent!"

Buh bye.

PS. Hi O.

Mar. 24th, 2008

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